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About Umrangso

Known as an industrial town, Umrangso is located in the Dima Hasao district of Assam, a state in the North-Eastern part of India. Situated near the border of Meghalaya and Assam and somewhere close to 112 km away from Haflong, which is the headquarters of the district Dima Hasoa in Assam. Based on the census conducted in the year 2011, Umrangso’s population was approximately 10,376. Out of this 55% were males and 45% were females. The overall literacy rate of this city is 74%, which is easily greater than the overall national average of 59.5% literacy rate. The female literacy and male literacy are 69% and 79%, respectively. In addition, the 14% of the overall population is lower than 6 years. People from Bengal, Nepal, and Hmar, Jaintias, Karbies, Biates, Dimasas can be found here.

Geography of Umrangso

The district of Dima Hasao is located at the southern portion of Assam and is bounded by the state of Manipur and Nagaland in the eastern part, the district of Cachar in the southern portion of Assam, and the state of Meghalaya and a little part of Karbi-Anglong on the Dima Hasao District is  situated at southern part of Assam & is bounded by Nagaland & Manipur state in the east, Cachar district of Assam in the south, Meghalaya state & part of Karbi-Anglong district in the west and finally part of Nagaon district & Karbi-Anglong in the northern region.

This town contains a unique set of establishments set up here. They are-

NEEPCO - Kopili Hydro Electric Project: This project came into existence in the year 1976 and was the first venture of the company NEEPCO. The first stage of the extension of the plant was planned on setting up additional 50 MW units. The extension of the units III and IV were commissioned in the year 1997.

Vinay Cements:
This company was set up in the year 1989. During the time when this was set up, it was probably the biggest private sector establishments. In 2004, this company became completely debt-free.

Tourism of Umrangso

Along with the beauty of the nature in this town, the Kopil hydel power plant attracts many visitors to Umrangso. After these two points of interest, people can visit the town called Diphu. Diphu is located at a 4-hour drive from Umrangso. The town Diphu should be visited from November to March. The weather is good during this time and allows every tourist to spend a relaxed time here.

Shopping in Umrangso

All the common items that are required to run a household can be conveniently found in Umrangso. All the items are inexpensive and people can survive for days together with very little cash. Some of the well-known places for shopping in Umrangso are-

Kalamuddin Cotton Shop
Address: Haflong Umrangso Rd, Umrangso, Assam 788931
Phone: 094355 77568

Dongjen Raji Shop
Address: Umrangso, Assam
Maruti Infotech
Address: Umrongso Bazar Main Road, 12 Kilo Market Rd
Phone: 094025 48853

Giridhari Shah Departmental Store
Address: Umrangso, Assam 788931
Phone: 094355 77594

Hospitals in Umrangso

The importance given to hospitals in Umrangso need to be improved. The people responsible to maintain the hospitals need to alter their maintenance processes in order to ensure that people are comfortable visiting the hospitals. Some of the well-known hospitals in this town are-

Umrangso C.H.C
Address: Umrangso, Assam 788931

Umrangso Civil Hospital
Address: Umrangso, Assam

Neepco Hospital
Address: Umrangso, Assam

Police Station in Umrangso

The police personnel in this town is very efficient and does its best in sorting out the conflicts. The details of the only police station that is seen in this city are shown below.

Police Station
Address: Umrangso, Assam 788931

Hotels in Umrangso

Since the flow of tourist is high from the months of November to March, the demand for room bookings during this time goes up significantly. In order to avoid the last-minute rush, frequent travelers recommend that the rooms should be booked well in advance. The well-known hotels are-

Lily Hotel
Address: Umrangso, Assam 788931

Purobi Hotel
Address: Umrangso, Assam

Tourist Lodge
Address: Umrangso, Assam

Restaurants in Umrangso

Some of the well-known dishes in Assam are Duck meat curry, Aloo Pitika, Khaar and many more. To taste this cuisine tourists should visit the best-known restaurants in and around Umrangso. Some of the well-known restaurants are-

Umrangso Cafe Hills
Address: Haflong Umrangso Rd, Umrangso, Assam 788931
Phone: 087934 31324

Shongko Restaurant

Address: Umrangso, Assam 788931

Salt & Pepper
Address: Haflong Umrangso Rd, Umrangso, Assam 788931
Phone: 070866 70729

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